Husband sues estranged wife for wrongful death

He got the news when he was halfway across the globe, away from his family and friends. The nation heard his story: the military man was told that his wife had shot their two children and then tried to kill herself while he was away on duty.
Since the tragic deaths of his two teenage children, the man has filed for a divorce. Now he has added a wrongful death lawsuit against his estranged wife. This is to try to prevent her from obtaining any money from assets and alimony so that he can put it into a foundation in honor of his children.
A wrongful death lawsuit is intended to compensate a family for the loss of loved ones when the death was caused by another’s intentional misconduct. The basis of the lawsuit is an email that the man received from his estranged wife while he was overseas. He claims that the email caused him “severe emotional distress.”
The email, which was sent around the time that the children were killed, simply told the man that his family was waiting for him. He believes that the email was sent to intentionally cause him emotional harm.
The woman had a history of depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at one point. But despite those issues, the two had been experiencing a good marriage in the past few years. He never believed that she would hurt the children.
The man has filed the Florida wrongful death lawsuit with a boca raton personal injury attorney. Though any compensation he may receive will provide little comfort for his loss, it will help him establish the foundation in memory of his loved ones.

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