Husband sues estranged wife for wrongful death

He got the news when he was halfway across the globe, away from his family and friends. The nation heard his story: the military man was told that his wife had shot their two children and then tried to kill herself while he was away on duty.
Since the tragic deaths of his two teenage children, the man has filed for a divorce. Now he has added a wrongful death lawsuit against his estranged wife. This is to try to prevent her from obtaining any money from assets and alimony so that he can put it into a foundation in honor of his children.
A wrongful death lawsuit is intended to compensate a family for the loss of loved ones when the death was caused by another’s intentional misconduct. The basis of the lawsuit is an email that the man received from his estranged wife while he was overseas. He claims that the email caused him “severe emotional distress.”
The email, which was sent around the time that the children were killed, simply told the man that his family was waiting for him. He believes that the email was sent to intentionally cause him emotional harm.
The woman had a history of depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at one point. But despite those issues, the two had been experiencing a good marriage in the past few years. He never believed that she would hurt the children.
The man has filed the Florida wrongful death lawsuit with a boca raton personal injury attorney. Though any compensation he may receive will provide little comfort for his loss, it will help him establish the foundation in memory of his loved ones.

The Cost for Traumatic Brain Injuries

The total annual cost for traumatic brain injuries in the United States is approximately $60 billion dollars. Yet, the Federal Government spends less than $3 per brain injured person per year on traumatic brain injuries research and services. So, obviously, traumatic brain injury is a major condition in the United States. It is a huge cost on the healthcare system. Most importantly though, brain injury sufferers have a huge cost in terms of their personal lives, in terms of their work lives, and in terms of the quality of their lives.

As lawyers, we make it of paramount importance that we understand brain injury, what treatments are available to patients with brain injury, and how to hold those responsible for causing brain injury because of their neglect, or their failure to act reasonably safely. We must hold those people or companies responsible so that those people who suffer with traumatic brain injuries due to the misconduct of others have an opportunity to get the care they need. So that they can try to meet their personal obligations to themselves, their families, and their communities, so that they can live a better quality of life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this segment on the causes of brain injuries. For any of you who want to learn more about brain injury and what can be done about it, I encourage you to utilize the resources from our Delray Beach car accident attorneys we have made available on our website regarding traumatic brain injury to help you or a loved one get back on track.

Apple store customer sues over dangerous store design

Apple has often been praised for the sleek design of its retail stores. But with its sharp edges and perfectly clean plate glass facades, the stores may also beunsafe for older shoppers or customers with poor eyesight. The front door blends in with the glass that forms the front wall, and the opening was difficult for one 83-year-old New York customer to see.

The woman says she ran in to the glass and injured her nose, and is now suing Apple Computers for $1 million, alleging that the design is dangerous. She says that Apple could easily avoid the hazard by marking the glass in a way that is visible to customers with poor eyesight. The woman says that although she generally sees well, the glass was not visible to her this past winter when she went in to a store to return an iPhone. Apple has recently installed warning strips on the glass at the store where the accident happened.

Most people would assume that because many of Apple’s customers are young, that the stores don’t need to be designed with older or disabled customers in mind. However, property owners have an obligation to keep their space reasonably safe for any visitor regardless of age or disability status.

Apple has three retail stores in Wisconsin. There are no current reports of accidents at any of those locations.

Victims of an Florida fatal car accident on unsafe premises can recover for injuries that were caused by the property owner’s negligence. Even if the injured person was partially at fault for the fall, Wisconsin property owners still have an obligation to ensure that the area is as safe as possible.